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How to play Online Free Slots

So you want to have a bash at some slots, but without risking your own money? Well most casino sites give you the chance to play free online slots with virtual money rather than your own cash funds. Playing these free slots can give you a good idea about what the game is like, what your chances of winning are and what bonus rounds you can expect to find, but without depositing your hard earned cash.
It’s a great starting point for any people out there who are new to this form of entertainment and it allows you to get up to speed with all the different aspects of slots, and what type of slot games you prefer.

How to find Free Slot Games

In order to have a go on some free slot games, load up a casino site and head to the slots section, then hover the mouse over your game of choice. You’ll be presented with the option to ‘play for fun’ or ‘free play’ on the game. The game will load and function as normal and instead of cash you’ll have a balance of play credit to use.
When you’re playing these free slots, you can adjust your wager amount and bet level, so you can adjust it according to how much you would be looking to spend per spin. Playing free online slots before going all in with cash can be beneficial as the licensing agreement between the game providers and the licensing bodies that regulate them state that the gameplay in free slots must accurately reflect the gameplay of play for cash. So what you see in the free play mode should be the same as what you can expect when you’re playing with your own cash.

Learn how to win with Free play Slots Games

Another bonus of playing free slots is that it gives you a good feel of the game and how it pays, given that different games have different levels of volatility. Volatility refers simply to the frequency of payouts and the level of payouts. A low volatility game (think Starburst) will payout smaller sums more regularly, whereas a high volatility game will payout less often, but when you win you win big! Games aren’t often labelled by volatility, so the best way to find out it to play free to determine the volatility of a game. Once you’ve had a go on some free slots and have a good idea of the volatility then you’ll know if it’s worth putting some cash behind it in real play.

Finding more Free games Online

If you find you have run out of your free slots credit, then you can start again by simply closing the game and refreshing the page to replenish your bankroll of play for fun credit. There are numerous sites that specialise in providing a catalogue of free slot games, for example, Mrgreen, these sites don’t offer a play for cash alternative but usually they have a good selection of games to choose from, so it’s worth having a look around.