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Why go to all of the effort of going to a land based casino when the best internet casinos are just one click away? The answer’s simple, internet casinos offer all of the games you’d find in a real casino, minus all of the overpriced drinks and commotion.

If you’re not convinced, read on to find out just why internet casinos are becoming increasingly popular. The first thing that might convince you is the bonuses and promotions. It’s not often in a land based casino that you’ll be offered matched deposit bonuses or free spins that allow you to increase your bankroll and play for free! Free spins allow you to take advantage of the best slot games and win big, without even spending a penny of you own money! If you’re still not convinced, then maybe a juicy bonus on your first deposit might turn you round. The best internet casinos will offer you big bonuses – 50%, 100% or even 200% – on your deposits so that you can maximise your winning potential.

Secondly you have the sheer variety of games available at your fingertips – there’s something for every player. Let’s start off with slots, players love them because they’re easy to play and engaging. Modern slots have moved on a long way from the fruit machines of the past, now they have beautifully designed graphics, exciting bonus rounds and massive payouts. You could try your luck at one of the many jackpot slots, some of which have jackpots well in excess of €5,000,000! Imagine winning such a sum from a €1 wager, it’s not impossible, in fact it happens quite regularly in many internet casinos.

Okay, so maybe slots aren’t your thing, no problem, there’s a wealth of other games to choose from. Table games are popular as they involve a certain level of strategy on top of the element of luck. Blackjack, or 21, as it is otherwise known, is one of the most popular card games in casinos the world over. The best online casinos offer players not just one version of blackjack, but several, each with different variations on the theme. Roulette is an old favourite and any casino worth their salt wouldn’t be caught without it. The premise is simple, you place bets from a range of options as to where you think the ball will land within the wheel. You could play it safe and bet on red or black, or if you’re feeling lucky, get more specific and place your chips on a number to win big!

You can play any of your favourite table games virtually, but that doesn’t mean to say you won’t have a real croupier dealing your cards or spinning the wheel. Many internet casinos offer Live games, where a real life dealer will shuffle the deck, and drop the ball in the roulette wheel – there’s nothing like a human touch!

If you fancy giving it a try for yourself then read through our reviews of the best internet casinos to see which one is right for you.