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irish casinos onlineWhen it comes to regulation, at the moment Irish casinos are covered by The Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1956. It’s a pretty old piece of legislation so the Irish Government plan to amend and update it for the Casino sector in Ireland, for both online and land based casinos. The new legislation is called The Gambling Control Act. So far only the “heads” of The Gambling Control Act have been published. The “heads” of a bill give an overview of what will be contained in the legislation – for example the types of licenses that will be needed by Casinos operating in Ireland, proposal on taxes they will have to pay in Ireland etc. The full text of the legislation is not expected until after the next General Election in 2016. That must take place before the 3rd April 2016 – the smart money is on the election taking place in early February 2016.

So for now, any online casino with a remote license can promote in the Irish market. That means the choice and variety of Online Casinos available to play in Ireland is huge. So it’s a players market and the chips are in your hands. Here we aim to give you all the information you need to make the best choice. Which Casino offers the best table games in Ireland, the best slots, the best bonuses, promotions and tournaments. We find out and let you know so you can choose.

While looking for information on which casino you’d like to join, it’s important to note that the offers you see on many sites may not be relevant to customers of Irish casinos online. You may spot an offer that’s really tempting, only to sign up and find that it’s only available to customers in Britain, that’s why we pay close attention to detail to find the best Irish casinos online so you can have a good idea of what’s out there and available to you.

We’ve checked out what kinds of sign up bonuses you can expect, and just how far you can make your hard-earned cash stretch. We look at what payment methods are available to you, so you can be sure that you can deposit and withdraw funds in a way that is both convenient and secure. We test out their customer service, so if you should have any problems, you know just who to contact, how to contact them and when they’re available.
We take our work seriously and work hard to find the best Irish casinos online so that you can rest assured you’re getting the best out of your casino experience!