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Slot games have been spinning around since the 18th century and in the past you would win drinks or cigars; modern slots give players the chance to win millions with just one spin. Online slot games have become massively popular because they’re simple to play, fast paced and exciting.

Slot machines are for everyone

You don’t have to be a genius to play a slot machine, though you can be selective in which games you play to get the biggest returns on your wager. There’s so many different slot games available that there’s really something for everyone, if you like fast-paced, feature rich video slots, or prefer retro classics like Triple Diamond. There’s an array of different game providers, that each have their own unique style and mechanics on the machines they create. You can find games from Netent, IGT, Microgaming, Bally and more.

Slot games online

Online slot games are run from a random number generator, this ensures that the result of every spin is determined by random numbers. The game chooses one random number for each reel and maps it to a position on the reel to decide which symbols and outcome will take place for your spin.
So how exactly do you win on a slot machine? Slot games pay along paylines that have sequential matching symbols. Most slot games have around 20 paylines, but you can find games with up to 250! Before you click spin, it’s best to select your coin value, bet level and number of paylines to determine the amount you wager per spin and ultimately the amount you can win.

Certain symbols have different effects on the gameplay, the wild symbol is helpful as it can help create big wins by substituting other symbols on the paylines. Scatter symbols can trigger free spins or win multipliers, and can vary in different games. Often scatters don’t have to appear sequentially along the payline and can appear on any reel.

Within the broad family of online slot games there’s a big difference between different games in terms of their variance. Variance refers to the value of the symbols and the size of payout you can expect, as well as the regularity of payouts. Low variance games are considered the safe option and will typically have a low value for each symbol, but will pay out regularly, so you can play for longer. Medium variance games give you a mixture of low and high payouts, with bonus games that have the potential to give you bigger returns than low variance games. For those out there who like an element of risk when they play, high variance games are for you. In these games you have the chance to win huge sums, but be warned – these games are not for the faint of heart as you’re more prone to losing in such games.

Jackpots for slots

Jackpot slot games are so tempting because with just one spin you could find yourself with millions. Imagine being able to buy a mansion, or trade in your old banger for a shiny, new sports car! Well if you hit a jackpot your dreams can become reality. Progressive jackpots are linked between casinos and each time a player places a bet in the game, a percentage of the wager goes into the progressive jackpot. Some popular jackpot games to look out for are Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods and Arabian Nights.